What We Do

Universal Rig currently offers the following services:

  • Cast in Place Pilings (CIP); ranging in diameter from 10” to 96” and up to 60′ deep
  • Belled Piling Services
  • Screw Piling Services
  • Krinner Ground Screws
  • Rebar Fabrication and Installation
  • Concrete Supply and Installation
  • Elevator Shafts
  • Sign Base pilings including: anchor bolt and conduit installation.
  • Light Base pilings including: anchor bolt, conduit, and sonotube installation for above grade concrete placement
  • Pad and pier construction drilling
  • Gas Plants, Electrical Substations, Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Telecommunication pilings, raft slab foundations, civil works
  • Pile top steel forming
  • Permanent or Temporary Casing
  • Produce engineered pile designs for CIP & Screw Pile applications
  • CVIP
  • Full Mechanical services

Universal Rig also pioneered the Drilled Pad & Pier System. This system saves our customers time and money by using round augered footings instead of excavated square footings that require forming, dismantling & backfilling.